Born Rodney Le Blanc in the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Benjai comes from the eastern community of Arima, which boasts a rich tradition of music and was the birthplace of legendary musical icons such as the calypsonian the Lord Kitchener and broadcaster, Holly Betaudier who is credited with playing a major in keeping traditional parang music (Spanish Christmas songs) alive over the last four decades.

In the early years of his career Benjai participated in soundclashes alongside other youth who would gather in Arima and other parts of the island to lyrically spar against each other. Having proved himself as one of the more proficient freestyle lyricists, Benjai in 2002 took his talent into the recording studio where he recorded his debut single, “Over And Over,” which proved an instant runaway hit, paving the way for what has thus far been a phenomenal career.


Feter (2013)

People’s Champion (2012)

Tipsy (2018)