Kerwin Dubois


While Kerwin’s talents were being embraced by many, 2012 and 2013 solidified his existence as a performer. His hit single “Bacchanalist” secured him second place in the Groovy category of the International Soca Monarch and became the anthem for many Caribbean carnivals in 2012, remaining an anthem to date. His 2013 contributions; “Possessed”, “Fete Of The Year”, “Wettin”, “Soca Child” and others continue to receive tremendous airplay.

It was in 2014 however, that Kerwin penetrated and dominated Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, winning his first Groovy Soca Monarch title with his runaway hit “Too Real.” He also enjoyed tremendous support for all his 10 released tracks which received generous airplay. His attention to melodies and crafty songwriting coupled with his vocal abilities continue to ensure that he remains a musical force.

Du Bois has been travelling extensively while he puts in an immense amount of work in his Toronto based studio; KNS. Hard work pays off and Du Bois is grateful and humbled by the fact that he is having such a successful career. He is a powerhouse of young talent bringing Soca music to the world, as he plans to develop and further his drive in taking Soca music to places beyond our imagination.


Ah Ting x Kes (2011)

All Kinda Kind (2016)

Disgustin w/ Kes (2013)

Doh Beg (2014)

Feteland X Kes (2018)

Forget About It (2014)

Lockdown w/ Lyrikal (2014)

Possessed w/ Machel Montano (2013)

Touchdown (2018)

Unacceptable (2018)

Unforgettable (ft. Patrice Roberts) (2016)