Nadia Batson



In a world where the majority of female artists tend to play on their sexuality or ride a wave of controversy all the way to bank, it’s rare to find true talent in its raw, uncut form, but this scarcity does exist. For a prime example, you need look no further than Soca’s hottest sensation: Nadia Batson. Having spent years as a major force behind the scenes as a songwriter, producer and one of Trinidad And Tobago’s most sought-after background vocalists, Nadia has now taken her rightful place as one of the Caribbean’s premiere songstresses. Batson has delivered something distinct to the people of T&T, the region and by extension the world. It has always been her dream, but she believed that when the time was right, her dream would become reality and on Wednesday November 9th 2011, Nadia delivered to the world, something distinctly revolutionary in Soca music- the very first all female Soca band SASS. Nadia insists there’s much more to come and is content being one of Soca music’s most consistent hit-makers, and, above all, she remains forever your “Caribbean Girl”.

Cell: 868.378 5373



Catching Feelings (2018)

Clear A Way (2018)

NOW x Destra Garcia (2018)

So Long (2019)