Nailah Blackman


We all know Soca gives a great workout, whether dancing in the club or jumping up behind a truck. This young vision is no stranger to the music scene. However, 2017 proved to be a stellar start for this 20 year old’s career. I’m referring to the beautiful Nailah Blackman, daughter of Abbi Blackman, granddaughter of the “father of Soca” “Ras Shorty I.” Clearly, music is in this young lady’s blood. Her family is her biggest influence in her life. They encouraged her to sing, write and play her own musical instruments, most notably the guitar. Nailah believes writing is her therapy.

She began singing at the budding age of 4. Two years later she entered her first Calypso competition. Although she started singing at an early age, it was at age 11 she became adamant about being a professional singer. What better way to ensure and mold her success but to be taught by one of the best? Nailah joined the family gospel band where she sang back up under her aunt Nehilet Blackman’s supervision. Her aunt realized she has another star on her hands, and gospel music was just one of many genres Nailah seemed to conquer, and there were other areas she had to tap into. At age 15 she left the family gospel band and went solo where she worked on demos with her uncle Issac Blackman. While in high school she was a dancer at the Shiv Shakir Dance Company.

She loves Soca but doesn’t want to be identified under just one genre her style of music is World music; a fusion of pop, Soca and Indie music. She released her first song on You Tube last year “Cigarettes” which has a heavy East Indian Arabic influence. “Cigarettes” caught the attention of Kees Dieffenthaller, (lead singer of Kes the band). With hard work and endless effort, the two produced a hot track called “Work Out.” “Work out” is produced by Anson Pro, written by Xone, Nailah Blackman, Mical Teja Williams, Anson Soverall, Preedy and Kes. Not only is Nailah a talented musician, singer and songwriter but Nailah designs her own clothes. Who knows maybe this fashionista will have a clothing line in a department store near you. Between her singing, dancing and sense of fashion her a style is truly a cynosure among many. Expect to see more from this young lady.

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Oh Lawd Oye (2018)

Sokah ft. Len “Boogsie” Sharpe & Mungal Patasar (2018)