Patrice Roberts


Patrice Roberts…The Songstress of Uniqueness

It was in 2005 when the world heard her voice alongside that of Bunji Garlin. Speedily the question of who she was circled the Caribbean entertainment industry, with only a few being able to provide an accurate answer. It was her refreshingly soothing and powerful vocals that quickly got her the attention that many established entertainers would have desired years before her name popped up. Now, fondly referred to by her close friends and family as Patsy, Patrice Roberts has assumed her position in the Caribbean music industry as a force to be reckoned with.

Music was always an instrumental part of her life and would inevitably become her career. As far as her mind allows her to journey Patrice recollects always being in love with music and singing. It was at the tender age of seven that the songstress would take her talent seriously with the support of her family, “Singing and performing was all that I knew and love and I knew it was going to consume my entire life.” said Roberts. Since then Patrice has not regretted surrendering to her passion.

In 2006, shortly after Patrice shot into the spotlight she became one of the frontline vocalists and the only female member of the internationally recognized Soca Band, which at that time was known as Xtatik (now HD). For Patrice her professional career had just begun and she was in full flight. It would be a challenging and difficult journey for Patrice but one that she would embrace and make her own when given the opportunity.

Fresh out of school, Roberts experienced what many would consider “culture shock”; moving from her countryside dwellings in Toco to city lights. Her transition from a calypso consumed lifestyle to Soca meant that the life she was accepting would attract obstacles beyond her understanding, “I had to adapt to the culture, the atmosphere and now compete with established artistes.”

Prior to her collaboration with Bunji Garlin and her alliance with Machel Montano and HD Patrice had numerous Calypso accolades under her belt. How was she able to move from her Calypso days to current day Patrice? Who created “this” Patrice Roberts? The answer – “Kernal Roberts created Patrice Roberts” said Patrice. She explained how this occurrence took place “Dan Nero and George Stanisclaus were moulding my career in calypso and Kernal was with Traffik at that time…they approached Kernal to write a song that would introduce me to the Soca world” shared Patsy. “The Islands” was birthed by Kernal, “He teamed me up with Bunji and we created a hit that was accepted by the masses.” From then Kernal Roberts, son of legendary Calypsonian Kitchener became her biggest supporter and; everywhere he went he took Patrice with him.

One of her greatest achievements soon followed, Roberts was named the youngest female Road March winner for her collaboration with Machel Montano titled “Band Of The Year”. This achievement would solidify her existence in the Soca world and prove to critics that she was more talent than they expected. She continued to motivate herself; working on her craft to meet the industry standards as well as the standards of her band mates; “To match the standards was hard…I was intimidated, I faced periods of frustration but I pushed myself until I got the hang of it” she admitted.

The young, talented and sexy songbird/songwriter is very passionate about her craft; to her it is no joking matter. Her talent has provided her with opportunities to travel extensively throughout the Caribbean, United States of America and the United Kingdom with more opportunities still presenting themselves; her impressions are always positively long lasting. To understand her career one must understand her struggle, obstacles and success, a simple word of advice from Patsy to anyone interested in following their dreams is, “The sky is the limit…never give up and keep on pushing even though you are not seeing progress now you would see it.” She adds “You will have pain, there will be mixed emotions but always remember to put God first and believe in your dream.”

To date Roberts has been recognized for some of her hit singles namely, “A Little Wine”, “Bruk Out”, “I am Soca”, “Tempa Wine”, “Sugar Boy”, “Wukkin Up”, “Rollin” and “Single to Mingle”. She has collaborated with talents such as Kerwin Du Bois, Swappi, Tian Winter, Macka Diamond, Zan among others. Roberts lists some of her influences to be Machel Montano, Kernal Roberts, Elizabeth Montano, Lady B, Verline Bobb, Dwain Antrobous, Danbers Nero, George Stanisclaus and Shawn “Roots” Mitchell.



A Little Wine (2012)

All Of It (2018)

Band of the Year x Machel Montano (2006 Roadmarch)

Bruk Out (2013)

Come Over (2009)

Criminal Wine x Lyrikal (2018)

Doh Rough Me Up (2014)

Freak (2012)

Like It Like That x Kes (2018)

Sweet Fuh Days (2018)