Sekon Sta


With quite a career in store for him, the worth of young entertainer and songwriter, Sekon Sta is likely to increase. In 2015, his breakthrough as an artiste came after years in the background. He had delivered a song called, “The Best” and with it came the adoration of new fans. The young radio personality who works at Slam 100.5FM in Trinidad, made good of his opportunity that year, performing at a number of carnival events and even entering the International Soca Monarch Competition. On stage at the Semi Finals of the competition he had intrigued the audience when he serenaded his mother, bringing her on stage for all to see.

The son of the late, great Calypsonian, Merchant, Sekon Sta whose real name is Nesta Boxill, believes he was born to be an artiste and admits to having been around Calypso tents from a very young age. He says this is what gave him the foundation. Quite capable of delivering songs for radio jingles and advertisements, Sekon Sta in 2014 had been exposed to Barbados and essentially leaving a lasting impression on corporate bodies there. He had delivered jingles for advertisements that would be used and deemed successful, by all.

Other songs like “Maximum”, “Put In That Work”, “Mamacita”, “ My World”, which was a part of Trinidad and Tobago’s Olympic branding in 2016, and in 2017, “Kings and Queens” solidified Sekon Sta as a rising Soca star. The sky is certainly the limit and with many looking to him for his songwriting capability, he will more than likely make even greater strides as a songwriter in the years to come as well.

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