Shal Marshall


Stephenson ‘Shal’ Marshall is an all-rounder he has secured many
professional titles including: Radio Personality, Television Host, Promoter,
Master of Ceremonies and Soca Artiste.

Shal’s career began as a DJ with the Jugglers Sound System where he
quickly developed into one of the most prolific DJs’ in the industry. His
passion for music and interacting with people when combined with his
unique trademark voice, led to him landing his own radio program on the
ever-popular 96.1WEFM radio station where he has been for the last
fifteen (15) years.

His current radio programme entitled “The Madder Drive” with co-hosts
Goofy and DJ Ding Dong is considered one of, if not the biggest evening
drive programme currently. This programme has topped the Media survey
previously and Shal as the main host of the programme continues to
ensure the level of the programme remains at the highest standard
guaranteeing an entertaining programme for listeners both locally and

Shal’s diversity became well known when he entered the television arena
as host of a carnival program called, The Net; fans were now able to put a
face to the voice. As a result of its success, the program later evolved into
the weekly hit series ‘Friday Night Live’ on Synergy TV, which he hosted for
five (5) years.

As his quest to develop into a household name continued, Shal has been
making waves in the Soca arena and is now considered a well-respect
Soca Artiste who has energized Soca fans worldwide. In just a few years he
has quickly moved up the ranks and has worked with the likes of the
queen of Soca herself- Destra Garcia, Canadian based Kerwin Dubois,
fellow television host and Soca Artiste “Jaiga” TC, Screws and others.

Shal has appeared on Fantastic Friday stage (International Soca Monarch)
as a finalist– Five (5) times with offerings such as “Gyal Farm”, “Trouble”,
“Doh Drag de Flag” and last year’s successful single “Party”.

During the Christmas into Carnival seasons Shal continues to secure
numerous bookings both for corporate and other heavily promoted
events, as he is always part of the leading events as a main act.

Outside of the peak season in Trinidad, he is also a well travelled artist as
he always secures bookings for some of the other Carnivals within the
Caribbean and the heavily promoted Miami and Caribana and Notting Hill
to name a few of his more popular travels.
For 2017, the season is already shaping to be quite a successful year for
him, for all his releases are receiving good airplay, his hits include:
“Famous”, “Please Don’t Leave”, “Dip” and “Middle”.

Bookings: 1-868-620-3227 or


Legend (2018)

Splinters (2018)

Trouble (2012)